Elisabeth Paige Photography

Everybody loves candid photos, snapped with joy and spontaneity. Anyone can take those…and should! It’s so amazing that in our time, we can all have a great collection of these random moments of our memory spilling across our lives. But when you see a special keepsake photograph, commemorating a life event, you know it’s capturing more than a moment. Here at Elisabeth Paige photography, we understand that a photograph is a work of art. And making a memorable photograph means more than recording the likeness of a subject, it means telling a story. And not just any story … YOUR story.

We’re a mother/daughter team using our skills to create your unique photographs to celebrate your life. Whether it’s a milestone event, like an engagement or graduation, or a quieter rejoicing in daily life, Elisabeth Paige’s vivid creative energies find and frame the visual elements that make a photograph beautiful. Her personality is quiet, but seeking; she finds the energy in her subjects, and knows how to work with you and your family to find your own energies, and make them the unspoken subject of the picture. Susan’s particular gift is empathy, the ability to feel the story behind the subjects, and the ability to help you share that story. This combination results in photographs that are not just beautiful, but deeply permeate with meaning. Whether your photographs are about love, or growth, or celebration, images by Elisabeth Paige photography will tell your story; a story that’s more than just this moment.

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