We Love Weddings. 

When we first started shooting weddings, we weren't exactly sure what to expect.  We had become at ease with babies, high school seniors, mommas to be and every other type of portrait  photography.  But weddings, they scared us. You can't mess up when it comes to wedding photography, you only get one chance to capture the moment and that thought scared us to death.  So many what ifs, what if we miss an important shot, what if our equipment fails, etc. etc.etc. you get the idea of the fear we had inside of us.  

Luckily for us our first wedding to shoot was a childhood friend of our son/brother and just knowing the family made it much easier on us.  We decided we would show up at the rehearsal to take a few shots and to meet the rest of the wedding party. This is a tradition we now do at all weddings.  It allows us the chance to make our faces known so that the day of the wedding, we aren't just the photographers. 

We also decided that we wanted every bride to have each detail of their wedding captured. This is the main reason we only offer one wedding package. We are with the couple from the moment they start getting ready until that last bite of cake.  It just makes sense to us.

We love weddings because of the joy and happiness they bring to our hearts. It is as simple as that. 

Susan and Paige 

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